Refund Policy& Service Cancellation

Our Company believes in long term business relationships and, that we have achieved with our Clients by delivering the satisfactory services as per the client needs and requirements. We have this refund policy to protect interest of our clients, in case the client claim that the services provided are not as committed or Satisfactory as per the contract or written communication via email with client or via recorded call with client only.

All cancellation requests must be emailed to, with an appropriate reason, that will be submitted to accounts and billing department of Guest Posting Services. Your request will not be considered valid unless and until you receive confirmation number in email from our accounts and billing department. No Cancellation request will be entertained on a Phone Call or via email to the Account Specialist or to any other person or email other than the mentioned above.

For Search Engine Optimization Services

We commit a minimum of 6 Months (180 Days) time for the results to appear as Top/High Rankings in Search engines for Search Engine Optimization Services. We take responsibility for our Services and deliver what we commit. This starts with the live launch of the website on the Internet that is only developed by Expert SEO Specialist.

In a case, if website is launched by the clients internal company development team or client chosen Web Development Company or Individual, and pass over the website/project to Expert SEO Specialist for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services, we commit the client for minimum 9 months (270 Days) time for the results to appear as Top/High Rankings in Search engines.

Now, if we are unable to deliver the services as committed and agreed upon in contract in writing, we value our clients and at this point, Client has the option to request a refund. All Refunds request will be evaluated by our accounts and billing department before any entitlements. The Refund policy for Search Engine Optimization Services are applicable only on “Large Business” and “Large Ecommerce” package listed on our website SEO Services page respectively.This refund policy is not applicable to “New Business” , “Small Business”, “Medium Business” and “Small Ecommerce” Package listed on our website SEO Services page respectively. Also, This refund policy is not applicable to any basic Package, any offers or Promotions we may have offered in several of our Marketing/ Advertising Campaigns. The Refund policy is not applicable to any Custom SEO project commenced for short term (less than Six months) or fixed contract (one time charged project) for particular task involved. No Refund request will be entertained in such a case.

As a matter of fact, we always focus on Long term relationship with our clients, and if our client is not really satisfied with our services, On approval based on their request, we will work extra mile for the case by offering Free 30 – 45 Days service at zero Cost, where we commit to cover atleast 50% of the Website Keywords or 25 % of the organic keywords to be ranked on page rank 1 – 5 position in atleast one Search Engine [Google or Bing]. If client decides to take this opportunity, than no refunds request will be entertained or the client will not be eligible for any refunds whatsoever in such case.

Refunds acceptance and basic Entitlements

For the refunds acceptance and basic Entitlements, We have listed few of the terms and basic guidelines to ensure quality services and best practice to meet to qualify for the refunds.

Contract Timeline:

No Refund request will be entertained if client decides to cancel the contract before the agreed timeline in the Contract. (As mentioned above, minimum 6 months or Minimum 9 months) – which ever applies.

Setup Fees.

For any new client SEO Campaign setup, Expert SEO Specialist bears the initial cost or a setup cost and do not demand the setup fee from the client – as we believe in Long Term relationships and aim to provide a long term services to our client. However, If client request a Legit refund which will get approved by our accounts and billing department, In such a case, the Campaign Initial Investment considered as a Setup Fees will not be refunded as Setup fees are simply NOT refundable – We utilize the setup fees to cover the several cost that involves website analysis, planning and setting up a customized SEO campaign, expert SEO advice offered by our Marketing Professionals, SEO optimization (on- and off-page SEO) services, and content writing, etc. No refund request will be entertained.

Any Changes made to the Website.

Being a Professional SEO Services provider, we ensure all Requirements are fulfilled as per specific standards. If any changes to content, alt tags, images, keywords, design layout, structure, title, meta tags, and/or any website copy or elements including menus on the website are made by client Web development company or individual without our agreement or consent in writing, no refunds request will be entertained.

Our Recommendations are neglected.

We are a Guest Posting Services with a team of SEO and marketing experts working In-House with Dedication for all of our clients. We always recommend best solution to the client and make possible efforts to achieve the results. If our best practiced recommendations are not taken into account, then the refund request will not be entertained. This includes but is not limited to: changing web content, coding, website navigation, page structure, keyword density, and external linking etc we do not recommend.

No other Providers.

Guest Posting Services team commits the services/results based on our expertise and experience brought by our industry professionals. We will not allow the involvement of any personnel or third party company or resource in our Search Engine Optimization related activities. This includes Self testing, Internal Development team or an Involvement of a Third party SEO Service provider. In a case we found out any misleading happenings, we will in no case entertain any refund request.

Domains Black Listed.

Search engine placement depends on our ability to improve the website’s relationship with the search engines. Any domains that are de-indexed, become de-indexed, are blacklisted or become blacklisted due to client’s actions, No refund request will be entertained in such a case.

Website Accessibility.

We strive to deliver valuable results. In order to work on the project and produce continuous results, we do not like to be restricted for any sort of accessibility that will hinder the task, and requires full accessibility to complete the task. In a case, our team will get access denied to the performing task on website we were hired to service, or if the site is offline and/or not available for public viewing on the Internet, we will not consider any Refund request for this act.

Change in Project Scope.

Being an Agency and a Digital Consultants, We understand the value of staying in business competition with having a great website to represent Online Presence. On basis of mutual agreement, once the project scope is finalized, that is, once the pattern, URL, Web content or website in general is agreed upon to start the project from that point onwards, we do not like any changes demand from client including the additions or changes in keywords for its optimization. As these changes may affect our efforts in bringing the site to high page rank value, having said that, we may not be able to produce the result in the said time. No Refunds request will be entertained in such a position.

For All Other Services
Our List of Services includes the following

Pay Per Click (PPC) Services
Social Media Marketing Services
Local SEO Services
Content Marketing Services
Email Marketing Services
Reputation Management Services
Conversion Rate Optimization Services
Advance Web Analytics Services

Guest Posting Service do not guarantee any acceptance of the refund request for the above services mentioned. We will act upon the agreement signed, based on the nature of refund request, we will act upon accordingly.

All the above services are dealt in as a Custom / Bespoke solutions that are exclusively tailored as per the client needs and requirements. All projects have different agreements. We offer long term contract that is mostly on a monthly basis, Short term projects are mostly on hourly basis, Fixed Price contracts are mostly on Milestone basis etc. Both the parties agrees before either the company ( Guest Posting Service ) starts the project or Client pays us in advance of whatever payment terms agreed.

All the Above Services and the projects associated begins with a complete discovery/analysis and creation of a scope of work document. This is done to make sure that both parties have complete understanding of the work required and thus eliminate the potential for project cancellations, disputes or refunds.

For Website Design and Development Services

We offer variety of Web Design and Development services to our Clients. Like other listed above, Web Design and Development projects are dealt in as a Custom / Bespoke solutions that are exclusively tailored as per the client needs and requirements. All projects have different requirements and agreements. We do not offer any refunds on Fixed Price contracts, or Short length projects (2 – 3 Weeks), or to any hourly based task projects.

For All Packages that we offer on Monthly Basis, these are considered as non- defined long term projects. We offer variety of services covered under these packages and are offered on a low price to maintain a long term business relation with the client. In a case, client decide to Cancel the Web Design and Development project before 24 Months, Client is liable to pay the project Actual Development fees which will be communicated to the client based on the project scope and deliverable. Minimum Development Services fee Starts from $2000. In a case Client decides not to pay the Development Fees, website files or website access will not be given in any case and we will reserve the website in our custody for no option to claim whatsoever, and we reserve the right to remove the Client Website from our Hosting Server. However, No Refunds will be entertained whatsoever in such a case.